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Custom Made Amish Quilts

The availability of having a Custom Made Amish Quilt made for you is now possible without having to travel to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. This is made possible by friends of the Amish community that while are not Amish themselves, share in many of their values and beliefs.

The main reason for having an Amish custom made quilt is generally for warmth on the long cold winter nights, but you can also use them as a wall hanging. This is made possible because of the quality of workmanship put into their creation along with the artistic values they have in their designs.

The main designs on many of the Amish quilts of the past have been of the star with eight points and the log cabin. Both of them are very popular still and are in demand. There are also variations to each of these designs that your custom made quilt can look like.

For those who would like something just a little bit different there is also the patch work that looks like the old fashioned quilts of the past. This was when the quilts were made using all of the scrape cloth laying around after the cloths were made, today we buy the fabric just for the quilt.

One of the most impressive of the new styles of Amish quilt designs in the whole cloth embroidered quilts. This is where the top cover is made from one piece of cloth. The designs on the quilts if from the many thousands of hand stitching that are put into the quilts by the Amish ladies. Most of these are ivory or Amish white, but the detail that the hand embroidery place s into the final piece is truly an original work of art. Most of the embroidery is done with cross stitching but there can also be crewel work.

If you decide to order an custom Amish quilt, you will need to know what size you will be needing. They can be made in any size, but the twin, full, queen and king size bed cover quilts are the most common. Your exact size you need can be made even if your bed is of an odd size - all you need to do is to know the measurements.

If you choose, your custom made Amish quilt can be made to order for use as a wall hanging. These were originally made for warmth on the cold winter nights where only a fire place heated the home, but their high quality of workmanship also makes them appropriate to decorate a wall as a work of art.

The Plain Ladies that know this art form in the Amish community start at a very young age. This is why many of the older ladies can have 60 to 70 years experience in making of Amish quilts. All of the knowledge and experience is passed down to the younger generation on a constant and continuous basis. This is how the Amish quilts of today are of the same high quality they were over 100 years ago. This is more than just an art form but a tradition in the Amish community.

The custom made Amish quilt of today is only differentiated from the ones created over 100 years ago by the age of the quilt. The pride, honor and quality of each quilt have been maintained and will continue to be so for many more years to come.


Custom Made Amish Quilts
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