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Custom Amish quilts are heirlooms for your family that will be part of the family for many years
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My memories came alive in your Custom Quilt
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My memories came alive in your Custom Quilt

My memories came alive in your custom quilt that was made for me. While I was sure your work would be of the highest quality, the memories keep coming back to me every time I see it. This is what was promised when I inquired about having a patchwork quilt made by the Amish quilters, but the effect on me was one so powerful, it was unexpected.

This all came about because my children have now grown up and moved away. They each are raising families of their own and live so far away. I understand they must go to where the work is, but I still miss them dearly. To help me keep my children close to me, I decided to have a quilt to be created using their old clothes.

At first, I thought this would be an impossible task to undertake since most of their clothes had been worn out and turned to rags. My husband is a pack rat. He never throws anything away. As for the rags he uses, they are all washed and then used again and again. This was really a blessing in disguise.

Because of this, I was able to go through all of his old rags to see what has survived from my childrenís past. To my amazement, there were sections of my daughterís dresses she used to play with. I remember swinging her in the park with her favorite one when she was only 6 years old. There were even remnants of my sonís church shirt he spilt spaghetti on at one of the Sunday dinners. I tried for weeks to get that stain out but no matter what I did, it remained. The section of the shirt I found still had the stain.

When my husband found out what I was doing, he tried to keep his favorite rags. The excuses varied from one that is great for polishing the bumper on the car and another one soaking up oil the best. When the truth finally came out, he admitted he kept the rags as memories of our children. I was so touched. He actually does have feelings under that hardened exterior. I had to explain to him what I was doing, then convinced him with the threat of no food if he did not let me take the rags I wanted for a patchwork quilt. Not too many things stand between him and his dinner, but it did surprise me how much resistance I experienced getting the old rags from him.

After I submitted the rags to the Amish Quilters, my custom made Amish quilt was created using the clothing material from my childrenís past. When it arrived, I could just not believe how it not only affected me, but also my husband. I actually saw a tear in his eye the first time I showed it to him.

While the shapes have changed, the material and colors brought back memories that I thought were long lost. Thank you AmishQuilter, for helping me to remember those happy moments of my children again from our past.


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