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What is a Memory Quilt

What is a Memory Quilt is a question that has been asked many times by our customers. There are several different versions of a quilt that can be made that are called the memory quilt. The new type is with the use of pictures being emblazed on the cloth. The old fashioned and still the most popular is the one made out of cloth from the clothing used in the past by family members.

The cloth used is not ordinary or just something lying around your home. It is the clothing material that you and your family have worn over the years of being together. In the past this was simple since most pieces of clothing were handmade. The extra material for what was left over could be easily kept for use later.

With the way most items of clothing are now store bought; this resource is no longer available. What generally are still available are the original articles of clothing. Many mothers keep little heirlooms of their children. This includes some of their cloths when the children were growing up. Some of them are still in good condition, but many of the child’s favorite’s articles of clothing were worn out. It is the memories of the child wearing the cloths that makes the impression for the mother. This is why some of them now resemble rags.

To many mothers’ amazements, they will also find some of their child’s old cloths in the dresser draws in their rooms. This is generally done after the child leaves the nest for college or to pursue a career or family. As with all children, they grow up and have a life of their own. They leave behind parts of their old life so there will be room for their new one. This can be a bonanza of material for a custom made Amish memory quilt.

There is still another place remnants of a child’s old cloths can be found. Most homes do not have an abundance of money flowing in, for this purpose many of the old cloths are turned into rags for use in cleaning the homes. Looking in the old rag bin under the kitchen sink or in the garage can be a wealth of material for your memory quilt.

The items most often used for the Amish memory quilts include dresses, shirts, ties, aprons, tee shirts, sport shirts, pants and suits. It really does not matter what the items original purpose was, just that is was used by your loved one and there are memories tied up in association with it. It could be the dress worn on the first day of school for your daughter or the prom suit used by your son. The material type does not matter, just that your memories are locked up inside of them that counts.

What is a memory quilt is a visual reminder of your loved ones that you can hold and feel safe when it is wrapped around you. This is what a custom made memory quilt from the Amish quilter can provide you.


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